Street Style, Tbilisi

Erekle street, Tbilisi. May 2017. Camera: Holga 135.

One of Tbilisis cute locals. This is the city of cats. It’s perfect for a “cat hunt” with the camera. At Erekle Street, the tourist restaurant street, they are everywhere. Of course, because crazy cat ladies like myself, likes to give them food. They really like chicken shaslik.

Pur Pur

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Café Pur Pur, Tbilisi. August 2015.

I also had my Nikon with me on my trip. I have not used it for a long time because I think it’s more fun with film cameras. But I had it with me a few times in Georgia. Like this night we went to Pur Pur to sit on the balcony, enjoying piano music and drink wine. Damn I miss Tbilisi…