3 years

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3 years today. Since I packed my bags and moved to Tallinn. For a short term I thought. To figure out what I want to do with my life and where I want to do it. Basically, I was waiting for me getting my as to France. But I never came there. 1 year. 2 years. 3 years. People in Sweden have stopped asking me le question “when are you coming home?” and people in Estonia still ask me “why would you live here, when you can live in Sweden?”

I like Tallinn. I’ve seen it changing. Blooming. I have shared some great adventures here. I have met some great people here. Some interesting people. Some weird people. And a few not so nice people. I have been happy. I have been sad. Mostly, I have had a great time here. Although the last few months I been thinking about moving somewhere else. But then I changed my mind. Because I don’t know where and what to do. And I’m to comfortable to just get up and move and start all over again. For the moment.


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