A man & his cows

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Caucasus, near Zeta camp, Juta. August 2015.


Pur Pur

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Café Pur Pur, Tbilisi. August 2015.

I also had my Nikon with me on my trip. I have not used it for a long time because I think it’s more fun with film cameras. But I had it with me a few times in Georgia. Like this night we went to Pur Pur to sit on the balcony, enjoying piano music and drink wine. Damn I miss Tbilisi…

Le chat

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Tbilisi, Georgia. September 2015.

We actually came late to a dinner with an australian girl becuase of this gorgeous cat. There are too many cats on the streets of Tbilisi. I just want to take care of them, give them a home, food, and lots of love.

Ferris Wheel

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Ferris Wheel, Mtsaminda Park, Tbilisi. September 2015.

2 years ago I promised myself never again. But this day I did it anyway. Le “Paris Wheel”. But, this is the last time. Never again. Never…. Klara was cool, but I was just shaking and could not enjoy the amazing vue of Tbilisi. But I did it.